software developer in video and audio

Job Description / Required skills set :

General profile :

  • You have an expert understanding and first hand experience of creating C/C++ applications that are pushing the envelope when it comes to digital video & audio processing. You have basic or (even better) profound understanding of how broadcasting IT environments are structured with their complex systems, protocols and work flows. If you can further create state of the art IT systems then this should certainly be of interest to you.

Programming skills :

  • HW related programming is a must in order to access SDI card interfaces such as BlackMagic ASI/SDI cards.
  • Our existing systems and applications are being implemented in Erlang & C/C++. Erlang is being used to access HW interfaces of e.g. the SDI card, while other functions are implemented in C/C++. All of this is not written in stone so if you feel the need to move away from this in order to achieve better results then we are willing to discuss other options. However, profound knowledge and long years of programming experience with C and C++, ideally with Erlang are certainly a plus.

Audio / Video signal processing :

  • Strong understanding of video/audio carrying signal (compressed and uncompressed) processing are absolutely crucial as the HW will work with DVB-S e.g. ASI and others such as SDI streams. The HW will be integrated into complex broadcasting IT environments with 'muxed' and 'demuxed' signals. Beneficial would be if the candidate has proven knowledge of integrating subtitles into video signals via software and hardware (Muxers). The candidate should be aware of common problems in the technical broadcasting world, such as CPU time shifts and other video & sound signal sync problematics. The candidate needs to be able to either use existing techniques (features) to tackle these issues e.g. knowledge of blackbursts, other sync signals or pulse generators or timing offsets which can be used to sync a processed and satellite delayed signal carrying sound, video and additional information such as identified by the SDI specifications. The candidate should be further familiar with time critical video/audo processing operations as to what can be achieved realtime and what operations might cause delays in the signal processing flow by considering current CPU processing power of commercially available systems/boards.

High reliability system architecture :

  • The fact that our HW solutions have to run in broadcasting centers with limited physical access to the HW and only occasional remote access to the software require our system(s) to be extremely reliable, so the use of fail-safe techniques, watchdog usage, redundancy, automized system recovery, etc. should be very familiar to each potential candidate.

Data exchange and network communication :

  • Our system(s) will obtain huge amount of data in form of high quality video files with very high bitrate encoding. Thus, high data amounts are being transferred to the system either via LAN, Internet or via hot swap systems require a solid understanding of data management including RAID, file validation, CRC, etc. Also we are constantly trying to reduce network traffic to our servers, especially with those amounts of video/audio data. Keeping this in mind we are also working a lot with the Bittorrent protocol in order to have an efficient exchange of data among our systems.

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